What methods are used to conduct market research on bespoke lighting

Xinnuofei focuses on outdoor lighting. Xinnuofei creates diverse partners for outdoor lighting, constantly grasping the trends of the lighting industry and providing customized solutions for you.

With the penetration rate of LED, it accounts for almost half of all lighting markets. The price of LED is close to the level of incandescent lamps, and it is necessary to increase consumers’ trust in LED, otherwise LED will be “large-scale disorder”.

LED uses higher light sources to meet the different needs of LED. Xinnuofei’s light and shadow are concentrated in light source rendering, and the effects of various different light sources make the lighting level more obvious.

Xinnuofei is a leader in the lighting industry, helping consumers better enjoy store lighting. In terms of manufacturing, there is a higher demand for lighting, with a greater emphasis on material selection. Xinnuofei is a leader in the lighting industry, maintaining and continuing its existing competitiveness globally.

Xinnuofei pays more attention to product differentiation while having the same lighting effect. According to the lumen output and related calculations of different LED materials, the lumen output and demand of LED will continue to increase.

Indeed, for the cost of all LEDs, more emphasis should be placed on efficiency. Xinnuofei focuses on the principle of fluorescence monetization, and LED can invest wood in more areas to increase the added value of lighting, which helps reduce the impact on the power grid. Meanwhile, by using different estimates, more lighting can be provided for the power grids of different lighting manufacturers. Provide a combined message for all market strategies and flexibility.

North American lighting design for sports events will be more stringent. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED lighting fixtures, Cyrus has also continuously increased its LED lights to enter the international supermarket lighting field in Russia, establishing communication with 300 manufacturers each. Provide a more exciting visual experience for professional events and audience groups.

The emergence of LED can be said to have laid out a technological backbone for the large-scale development of cities. From hanging lamps to miniaturized lighting fixtures, LED has sparked a lighting revolution in the large-scale lighting applications of 85 544 suspended by luminous components. While saving energy, LEDs can also save over 90% of the expensive electricity compared to regular lighting.

The fierce competition is driving the entire lighting industry. The fierce competition has indeed led multiple industries to pay attention to color temperature in lighting applications. Professor Chen Xinxiang, Chairman of FLUX Pei, Founder of Cyrus Lighting, has greatly improved learning efficiency by reducing myopia in class. However, all practical applications of knowledge still exist in LED applications. With the increasing accumulation of consumer habits and habits, it is evident how to better meet the needs of the general public.

Another reason is that the future transformation path of LED lighting still flows towards the visible light field. With the upgrading and upgrading of the lighting industry, the LED lighting industry has ushered in a peak of development.

The upgrading and upgrading of the lighting industry is still in an upward stage, and the future upgrade stage is still in the process of upgrading LED lighting, improving LED lighting products for lighting services, improving the color rendering of light sources to the best state, and making objects and people’s lives sweet products.

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