What new issues are worth paying attention to in the hospitality lighting industry?

What new issues are worth paying attention to in the hospitality lighting industry? Through the following methods, let every customer feel that this “new knocking” will become the best practice.

The basic data required for hospitality lighting design, whether it is the reception effect of the hotel brand, hospitality lighting overview, or hospitality lighting analysis, is ultimately the final explanation that can create a good quality for star rated hotels.

hospitality lighting design is not just an art, but also an art. In an unexpected field of art, we all have perfect designs, and only a series of factors such as art, environment, design, nature, etc. ultimately determine whether we add the variety of lights.

The first thing we need to do for the selection of hospitality lighting fixtures is the lighting design plan, such as the roof lighting design plan, which is determined based on the usage of various types of hotel ceiling cranes. It is best to borrow the help of a designer to design, and then use power to modify the design without any worries.

For example, the area of a hotel, whether it is the reception area, banquet hall, conference room, restaurant, or conference room, requires lighting and chandeliers. The designer recommends a solution that can ensure both the illumination of the lobby and the comfort of lighting and air conditioning.

The role of hospitality lighting is not only the primary light distribution when choosing hospitality lighting, but also a very important form of light distribution for creating an atmosphere.

For example, glass panels or glass panels packaged with paint or wallpaper may appear to have an “area” due to the large amount of work, so it is necessary to apply glass panel stickers on the glass surface to meet these requirements.

The glass of hotel restaurants is basically equipped with light sources, but in fact, the key to these light sources is always the color of the light. Due to the avoidance of color difference caused by the light source, the cooking and home activities in restaurants have high requirements for lighting effects. If the light source is at a certain color temperature, in order to meet the needs, the total opening principle is to keep the color temperature below 3300K to prevent “fading” and prevent the appearance of “fading”.

Through the comparative analysis of the two accessory light sources mentioned above, the glass and light source in the hotel restaurant appear “smooth” at a color temperature of 4500K, with a difference of 223%. Light source – hotel restaurants have caused a lot of controversy, so it is not advisable to consider the quality of lighting fixtures. More attention should be paid to product quality. Please carefully implement the production process for our customers

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