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What's the difference between pendant light

What's the difference between pendant light


In this article, ANC Lighting will explain "What are the types of pendant light" to you, hoping to be helpful.

There are obvious differences between European pendant lightand Chinese pendant light in the classification of pendant light. The two levels of differentiation cover the whole decoration industry.

I. differences in design inspiration

Chinese pendant light comes from the ancient Chinese way of pendant lanterns.

Second, the shape of the different shapes

The European pendant light is layered and rationalistic.

Pendant light is a traditional Chinese pendant light, which is shaped like an ancient lantern or a founder's lantern.

The European pendant light emphasizes splendor and extravagance, while the Chinese pendant light emphasizes cultural pendant, which emphasizes symmetry and square.

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Iii. Differences in cultural atmosphere

Pendant light is a European pendant light, which can be used in gorgeous or noble Settings.

Pendant light is a Chinese pendant light, which is often found in places with strong ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

And it doesn't conflict. It depends on your preferences.

In short, European pendant light and Chinese pendant light have their own characteristics, do decoration industry designers to understand its culture and history, to do a good job in office decoration decoration!

The above is the complete content of "What's the difference between pendant light" introduced by you. Thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.


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