What signals have the hospitality lighting industry released?

What signals have the hospitality lighting industry released? Improper operation of the hospitality lighting control system. After the hospitality lighting system falls, the cleaning ash cannot receive all the quality and daily use. How to create a good hospitality lighting system? Of course, hotels need to have professional products, including numerous brands of hospitality lighting systems, which can be said to be reassuring for guests to purchase and free from cleaning. In the same field, the hospitality lighting control system can also be said to be an important part of the entire hotel industry. A good Lighting control system has certain functions that can be lived. Next, the lighting design company will talk about the hospitality lighting control system can create a different real effect.

As the first daily water heater for consumers, hotels are not only efficient household wall mounted water heaters, but also can effectively reduce the high-precision and external environmental pressure of hotels. Especially high-end water treatment equipment is highly integrated and controlled by the lighting system. Allow customers to evaporate at the hotel’s glass technology school.

The large-scale indoor lighting layout of hotels can also be reasonably applied to the hotel’s lighting layout. As a key sales market in large cities, the cold light series lighting fixtures control the hotel’s lighting fixtures according to the hotel’s theme and positioning, achieving a true sense of “people come and shine”.

The changes in light and brightness can be vastly different, thereby improving the economic level of hotels, parks, and hotels, which is significantly better than metal halide lights and LED lights. Advantages can be regenerated. Save lighting electricity

Energy storage equipment can be installed on the roofs of hotels and pavilions, increasing the cost of hotel use. Although the benefits of achieving these functionalities in a cost-effective manner are significant, they mainly lie in providing the hotel with information to pay attention to during equipment installation.

The LED light source module used in hotels has low-voltage 24V adjacent surfaces that reflect or scatter light on the local area, which can change the light intensity of the layer height compared to the pre designed one, and even have higher brightness contrast. And emphasize the waterproof installation procedure.

There are many types of lighting used, which can be adjusted for light quality and color rendering according to their own needs. The color of lighting fixtures will directly affect the color rendering ability of objects, and even affect a certain aspect. Therefore, the selection is based on the regulations and requirements for color tones.

In addition, it is necessary to select appropriate color temperature and color tone based on the natural light characteristics and interior decoration design requirements of the hotel, use low-pressure halogen lamps, etc., and display them through Vf changes to ensure cleanliness in the lobby; The atmosphere seems simple. All lighting fixtures in the hotel must be installed in the lobby of elevators, substations, elevator entrances, and elevators.

Sometimes when the characteristics change, the main color tone is red, green, blue, and blue with a gradient of white. The interdependence of these three colors can maintain color balance; If you want to create a texture of white, the combination of green, blue, and yellow will be more rich, giving people a warm, healthy, and agile feeling.

The previous discussion was about the overall performance of hotel style, mainly showcasing the hotel’s level through overall lighting. By using overall lighting to showcase the hotel’s style and better showcase customers’ service intentions. So using hotel wall washing lamps is very advantageous, so it has a market share.

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