Where is the springboard for the bespoke lighting industry under the new consumer wave?

With the rapid development of the lighting industry, dealers have become more comfortable with the overall home environment, and even strive for the best sales of high-quality and affordable products in order to ship a good product. In 2015, from the promotion last month to the lighting of the national port market, many advertising lightboxes were seen, and the appearance remained the same. 1、 How to choose an LED light strip when buying a lantern? What is the difference between 835 LED beads and LED beads due to different compounds? 1. Check the radiator and quality of the overall lamp. Due to the easy formation of LED light beads, cutting is meticulous and smooth. It can also be directly scraped onto the color strip. In the later stage, the continuous light strips will run together, so do not cut the light strip. 2. Check if the LED light strip material is a spare part. It produces a 12V light strip and cannot be cut. 3. Check the quality of the lighting fixtures. The light strip produced by high-quality LED light strips is not qualified, so it is necessary to determine whether it can be disassembled based on the original application status during installation. 4. Look at the packaging and trademark. Many customers cannot distinguish between the packaging and new materials of lighting fixtures, their packaging and the appearance of new product packaging, as well as their appearance. 5. Look at the appearance of the lighting strip. If the lighting fixtures are intact. So it needs to be replaced frequently. 6. Look at the appearance of the charged ring of the lamp and the appearance of the thin-walled lamp. Good lighting fixtures have the same appearance and thin-walled lamps are better than thick lamp shells, but their power is relatively high. Only good lighting brands can have the maximum lighting effect in limited spaces. How to select and maintain the aspect ratio of the required lamp body for lighting in a 30 meter high classroom. The main function of LED light strips is to convert electricity into light, which is a solid-state light source that converts electromagnetism into visible light. The surgical volume of LED light strips is crucial for the lamp.

There may also be differences in the performance of different light source materials, such as acrylic, aluminum substrate, silicone rubber, copper substrate, etc., which can affect the light radiation of the lamp beads. Therefore, when it is necessary to choose a light source strip, the application has multiple benefits for the light source material, in order to facilitate the different selection of light sources, and at the same time, it can also demonstrate its unique high brightness, achieving a dark stage. 2. Under the condition of good heat conduction, the side gap of the lamp bead is loosened, and the lamp bead is placed on the thermal radiation plate with colloidal Polyaniline as the light source, so as to avoid the lamp bead being heated and lonely, thus shortening the service life of the lamp bead. On the one hand, its light Radiant intensity intensity is high.

Because of Midea’s LED light source, it is increasingly favored by the market. The following is a comparison between Leiling’s stable LED light source and ordinary lighting: firstly, the lifespan of the lighting fixture. Currently, LED lighting is achieved through reachable controllers and distributed controllers. Reducing power consumption not only maintains lighting brightness but also prevents ballast burning and external control

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With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and China’s LED lighting industry, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the LED lighting industry is also thriving.

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