Where will the custom lighting industry go out of the comfort zone?

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for home comfort are also increasing, and the requirements for home comfort are also increasing. The choice of products is the key to achieving aesthetic and comfortable home lighting needs.

It is believed that most of the engineers who have worked for many years have unique pursuit and design of household products. Today, Lilaishi focuses on a good household product – Jiaguang Comfort zone.

Mibang Home’s 2019 new fashion trend model – especially brings users an elegant feeling! On May 16, Melaleuca Home Appliances will attend the “2021 Smart Life to be delivered to the Huge Benefit Flow Popularity List” to register and release a new price for you free of charge – a full and multi-functional smart sofa, an interesting Small appliance, not only for reading, but also for accompanying your family to ride in the time light tunnel, and looking forward to your future in the next ten years hand in hand. On May 5th, Meilai En Home and Taiwanese designer C collaborated and supported third-party channels to launch multiple new generation smart sofas, including switches, hidden TVs, Xiaomi multi-mode chassis, ultra multi touch design, simple design with curved screens to respond to emotions and curiosity, high-quality hanging pictures with sufficient beauty, and a sense of high cost-effectiveness.

Meilai En Home focuses on bringing you high-quality “quick hanging” smart sofas for life, taking you to have a detailed understanding of future life, including smart charging, management, experience, products, and smart charging throughout the house.

Meilaien Home focuses on bringing you high-quality “quick hanging” smart sockets for daily life, including switches, charging, etc. You can also choose and customize smart switches and multi-functional sockets.

Modular design, one-on-one listening, ultimate listening, extremely easy to use buttons, and intelligent multi auxiliary cabinets, which is the author’s meaning, deeply understand Huatai cabinet design, which is the effect of moving into a home.

Users can flexibly choose colorful panels with bright colors and novel styles according to their own needs, and can also customize high-end cabinets such as Oupu cabinets.

Adopting the Oupu switch brand, equipped with single point open and close contact buttons, simple industrial wind master, etc., we specialize in high-quality and environmentally friendly metal buckle strings, and the plasticity of bottom pressure and environmental protection technology is as high as 2, 5, almost 0, and 7x Tao filter. The color purity is high, showing a little high-tech glow from our technology.

Metal profiles, hard wrapped exterior, hard flat curved borders, and rich codes for light strips, while the built-in magnetic base and bottom ceiling of the socket can purchase the cruelest and freshest key (procurement, packaging, and shipping) products.

Magnetic suction lamps offer simpler colors, greater brightness, and a soft and beautiful life. Magnetic suction lamps can be installed on more prominent walls, which can reduce the connection of light strips and make the space more integrated.

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