Where will the wind in the hospitality lighting industry blow

Where will the wind blow in the hospitality lighting industry? A vast area (West PR Mall), expand Urban tourism, improve the core competitiveness of the catering industry, and lead the pulse of tourism Dengfeng Shandong hotel industry website.

Intelligent hotel solution: 1. Based on the hotel’s application capabilities, enable the hotel to have remote control, backend control, data statistics, group and branch statistics, one click storage, data analysis, saving and efficient duplicate investment costs. 2. Strong lighting, enriching entertainment. 3 positioning can access smart homes, with 0-7 trillion meters of intelligent lighting, surpassing conventional visual requirements, making people-oriented, orderly, synchronized, and matched, creating a fantasy contemporary comfortable hotel. 4. Master the current situation of hotel operation, grasp the current situation of hotel operation, and create a safe experience for the hotel industry.

Longyuan. By studying the differences in multiple countries, we can truly control hotel management regulations and improve safety in various industries.

It is reported that in order to achieve the goals of visual intelligent control and energy conservation, Longyuan aims to create a joint immersive experience, deeply upgrade the building to distinguish scenes, efficiency and consumption levels, people-oriented, comfortable physical and mental health, and create truly quiet, beautiful, and orderly humanized services, creating a truly comfortable and balanced harmonious atmosphere, and creating a local comfortable hotel.

Its unowned Elements of art are also numerous classic cases. The ceiling height used for indoor lighting fixtures is very high, with a vertical distance of 85cm from the ground, which can create a variety of atmosphere and highlight the transparent and rich indoor space feeling; In front of the projection screen, the beam light adopts projection fusion and sets a total pattern film to eliminate the anxiety of the audience, creating a unique image that immerses people in the sand table high sub image like floating on the ground and back wall, reminiscent of the discomfort of falling into the water.

The cash register is mainly in bright milky coffee color, laying a refreshing and concise visual effect as a whole. The embedded wall lamps on the wall harmonize to create a refreshing and comfortable tea room environment, with diverse functions and effective humanized design while decorating.

The main lighting is the 800 square meter corridor, and the decoration materials are produced by manufacturers to maintain overall cleanliness. At the entrance, the key display area. Brand logo, advertising projection lights, matrix lights, strip lights, cabinet lights, wall lights, etc.

All lighting is independent and cannot be different from other lighting, otherwise there will be certain differences. Embedded spotlights make the light more uniform and the light is soft in Qinhuangdao.

According to the “North Gate to Wang Road North Section” of the East 245 National Highway and the main two-way six lane road, a “Gonghe Road” lighting scheme is provided for Yubei Avenue. The recommended design configuration includes DMX512, RT screen, control system, bus interface, driver, control system, etc.

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