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Why you must switch to hotel wall lights immediately

Why you must switch to hotel wall lights immediately


Ever noticed a common thing among all the elegantly decorated and beautifully lit hotel rooms? Probably these rooms are actually more exquisite than your bedroom. What makes the difference? Well, that could be the hotel wall lights working their magic. It’s not that they are, or could be used only in hotels. You can even decorate your bedroom at well thought of places that could change the way the room looks. The other reason you see almost every hotel uses wall lights is their practicality. Aside to the aesthetic purposes, the hotel wall lights safety, much needed light in the hallways, easy placements so lights for all purposes – main lighting, bed lighting, and reading lighting – can all be within an easy reach from the hotel bed.


Let’s look into the other aspects of hotel wall lights and how they can improve the overall aesthetics of a hotel.


What exactly are wall lightings?


Wall lights, also called sconce, are those that are fixed to a well as opposed to the regular lights which are fixed to a ceiling. They look more pleasing and elegant compared to ceiling lights. In places like hotels where there are lots of spaces that need to be illuminated, wall lights are a better option since they look pleasing and also give enough illuminations without the clutter of ceiling lights.


How hotels can benefit from the wall lights?


Hotel wall lights are immensely useful in illuminating, flaunting and decorating the entire premises. It makes a lot of sense to use wall lights instead of ceiling lights. Let us see why:


Better illumination at strategic spaces


Wall lights can be used to illuminate the long hallways and corridors of a hotel. If the hotel has a series of rooms lined on either side, which is usually the case with most of the hotels, wall lights give much-needed illumination.


If fixed to the doorframes can make the room numbers clearly visible. The hotel wall lights are also very useful in illuminating a room as soon as the guest walks in. No need of stuttering through walls or clamour for searching light switches.


Accentuate the interiors


They give a very minimalistic hue to the interiors and avoids clutter compared to ceiling lights. Properly placed wall lights can make the room look extremely elegant while having lots of practical uses at the same time. For instance, lights fixed next to the bed can be of a great value as they also double up as reading lights. The wall lights illuminate the room well and also make it look bigger.


Low Maintenance


Ceiling lights require lot of maintenance. So let’s say you need to take up some work like a replacement of the ceiling lights, you need to cut the power, and if the other rooms are occupied, those rooms should also have the power cut. But with wall light, the process could be as simple as unplugging and completing the work. Replacement of ceiling lights are required total rewire of the building.


If there are some repairs to be done on ceiling lights, you may have to move the beds. Ceiling light repairs require ladders or chairs which could be inconvenient to both guests and the staff. With wall lights, this is going to be really easy.


So all these things point to just one thing – hotel wall lights are always better than the ceiling lights. But what measures should be taken to ensure the hotel gets most out of the wall lightings. Let’s take a look.


Tips to improve the décor using of hotel using wall lightings


Use Accent Lights


Hotels are not just about living spaces where people crash. These are the rooms that can change one's mood and make them relax. Lighting can be used effectively to transform the space and make it livelier. Wall lights are extremely adept at creating layered lighting in the room. Place some accent lights and sconces on a wall’s piece of artwork. Mounting wall lights on the sides of the bed can create an excellent layered lighting.


Place the wall lights according to the room’s alignment


If the room is dark naturally or doesn’t get enough sunlight, put wall lamps in the dark corners so that they would illuminate the room. Bed lights could also be set up so that people have enough light to read.


Always look to set up a light in the corner. This will make the room look more elegant.


Use LEDs for all the wall lights


LEDs are more energy saving than regular bulbs. They are efficient and work for longer times without any replacement. In a hotel where lots of people use the lights with few even having disregard for electricity consumption, LEDs can help you with a lot of power saving and low maintenance.


Placement is the key


Make sure the wall lights are placed with appropriate gaps between each. Wall lights are used a lot in hallways. Too many lights cramped closer to each other makes the hallway looks too bright, and you do not want that. A wall light placed every 8 feet is a good method. This makes the hallway look subtle, yet illuminate enough.


Chose the type of light carefully. Upward lights are great if placed on artwork and corners as they work as accent pieces. Downlights near a bed or on the wall are more practical as they shed light downwards. So it should be a good mix of uplights and downlights based on the functionality you want to have.


Avoid light placements that can directly contact to eye


Be very careful with your height and placement of the wall lights. Eyes shouldn’t come in direct contact with the bulbs.




Lighting is a major part of hotel’s décor and also investment. Since appearances play a major part of how a hotel is received by the guests, smart lighting techniques can be helpful in flaunting the good looks.


Hotel wall lights in this regard are an excellent way to accentuate the looks and size of the room. With smartly positioned lights, you can enhance the décor in a great way. They reduce the clutter caused by ceiling lights and also save you from taking up frequent maintenance work. Another benefit of using wall lights, floor lamps and bed lamps in place of ceiling lamps is avoiding replacements of ceiling lamps which could be very time-consuming.


Choosing LEDs for your hotel wall lights will make you reduce energy costs by saving electricity and also the replacement costs. The LEDs can also augment the room’s look with their enhanced lighting.

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