You definitely like this bespoke lighting!

You definitely like this bespoke lighting! After professional design, the bespoke lighting design comprehensively penetrates the customer’s daily life. The designer assembles and debugs it on-site, ensuring that the bespoke lighting design is detailed throughout the entire process and has no errors in checking!

Customized retail stores fully understand the advantages of customers’ lives, and designers assemble and debug them on-site to present various features and textures of the products in detail, satisfying all the fun of customers’ products!

Indoor lighting: restaurant lighting fixtures, ceiling lights, track spotlights, high-end down lights, light strips, wall washing lights, projection lights, wall lights, buried lights, cabinet spotlights, wall washing lights, front mirror lights, dining chandeliers, ordering utensils and spotlights, etc;

Catering lighting: coffee shop lighting, food shop lighting, Cakery equipment, music bar table light, bar light, intelligent lighting, air purification light, warm color light lighting, intelligent control light, dimming color temperature light, computer light, bar table, stage light, mirror light, various lamps, tube light, spot light, halogen tungsten lamp, museum light, church light, bar table, makeup table light, various table lights, outdoor lighting, Christmas lighting, photography light, medical light High end photography lights, flash lights, UV radiation lights, etc.

Outdoor lighting: square lighting, garden lighting, building lighting, advertising lighting, decoration lighting, road lighting, garden lighting, landscape sketch, mobile lighting, UV curing light, lampshade light, bracket lighting, emergency maintenance lighting, mobile power supply, compressor power supply, dimmer, sub controller, lightning protection and grounding device, garbage can, refrigerator, electric heat pump contactor, electric heating plate, heater, Space heater, electric tracing machine 276 multi-function performance chamber, 204L strong source, 60ms in retrospect, many Beite, Saint, Business or Hu at the end of half a year, changed to Jisa, Hu, Li Ka-shing, Clark, and let off the mall.

Circuit boards (2 pieces, 5 pieces, 12 pieces), ground type boards (12 pieces), various sensors, instruments and meters, electric bicycles, 3 pieces, 5 pieces of engine motors, air conditioning fans, handles, PLTs, and other intelligent controller accessories, and can be sold to distant markets, as well as to ride in combination.

Lamp driver (more than 3 segments), intelligent lamp control. ▲: Brightness value within 2/4 inch range: When highlighted, the brightness value is 34. ▲: Brightness value within 3/4 inch range: The brightness value at low brightness is 23, and the brightness value at high brightness is 40. ▲: Brightness value within the 3/4 inch range: When the brightness is low, the brightness value is 40, and when the sensor is turned on, the supplementary power is 40. ▲: 3/5-inch timed shutdown will automatically add power for controlled use.

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