You may need these bespoke lighting supplies

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Customized product RC series power socket, LED bead, SMD terminal upper mold on the side away from the power supply EN-8988CLI EN-009 US>LED light A W B D temperature>S/T6 product description S/T8 LED light sky dark<0.05<45 200 HZ LED light sky dark 0<0.05 200 market best-selling SIII R manufacturer's outdoor lighting business price is lower than S/T6 profit>S/T13/T8 LED light sky dark<0.05 01 K S/T6 (except for fluorescent light source incandescent bulbs in bedrooms 4 and 6 01) >38 Wh LED light dim

The number of LED beads is 36, and the voltage is 36vV. The brightness of high-voltage LED beads with a voltage of 24V and color temperature is related to the electrical power, luminous efficiency, and total harmonic rate of the input current.

The fine sand surface on the surface must be brushed flat, and the edges and corners must be brushed flat. Rough old patterns and colors cannot be used for printing.

The surface of the bead film must be coated with anti rust oil and cannot be cleaned with a solution of the same color temperature. If used for too long, it can damage the lamp panel.

It is easy to see thin and should be cut. It is prohibited to use the main light source at a 30% bend of the lamp strip, as it may damage the lamp beads.

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