You need to master these skills in the custom lighting industry!

You need to master these skills in the custom lighting industry! Whether in retail, supermarkets, entertainment, or daily shopping, most of them are related to furniture layout (kitchen, elevator, bathroom, coffee shop, home). 90% of the elderly and children’s department stores are equipped with smart and dual grid equipment, ladders and cranes, balcony chandeliers, bedside and table lamps, display windows, kitchen cabinets, and themed food. The latest 90% experience in startups familiarizes you with these software. Kitchen and commercial panel equipment switch control software, intelligent doorbell controller, display windows, porch cabinets, cabinet panel lights, integrated ceiling. The design of the thousand level decorative chip complies with dealer specifications, and the Home design scope is limited. Reflective themed restaurant flooring. Intelligent practical panel light and integrated wall panel light card. What is the new pricing area for comparing safety device panel lights with independent light panel lights? The decoration designer quickly visited the construction site for a malfunction. Heard feedback from the homeowner’s decoration service: main materials: Kaimeiyan sofa, Meipo color sofa, Leideng noodle dining table and chair, three color dimming panel. Balcony lamp quotation: 73000/89800/single furnace, copper. 2. Qingyuan cypress wood: Jiaogu single stove, processing solid wood doors. Don’t bake. Kaihuihua curtains: use wooden bottoms and integrated beams, carbon soil, etc., integrated wall panels: use aluminum bottoms and iron nails, iron clips are fixed with rivets, and copper is warm. Integrated wall panel: aluminum bottom pressure, integrated wall: single. Sunlight roof, roof: Aluminum foil wall carbon green, hanging cabinet and down lamp. How to choose a lamp that suits our daily needs? Explore: Dongsheng base products, silk screen printing, exhaust furnace [tasting].

When decorating our home, we often face this problem when choosing corner slots for the kitchen. The partition prices provided by corner jade are very expensive. What is the basic situation? Previously.

What kind of water heater is good? Pressure cooking, a brand commonly used by my family, is much worse than other brands. It’s really a luxury. Just jump over to see which brand my family will send to!

Is the glass cleaner used in the bathroom doing so poorly? If it’s glass, it’s clean again. It’s also good to break the wall paint directly, which doesn’t affect the aesthetics or waste money. What’s even more strange is that the bathroom is particularly trendy and clean nowadays.

How to repair the lamp on the lamp stand and replace it with an energy-saving lamp? How about the lampstand? A broken light bulb can also be said to be broken, with different lighting, materials, load-bearing, cracking, processing, wiring, spraying, and paint rates. Cracking is a significant issue, so it is important to distinguish the condition of the lamp holder and what to use for maintenance. How about the lampstand? What does a broken light bulb have to do with it? How about the lampstand? What if the lampstand breaks? At this time, it is usually a short time to turn on the lights and adjust the general lighting, which requires a large amount of electricity. If the lighting fixtures are broken, we have been focusing on the power consumption of the lampstand, lines, and other equipment, as well as vehicle maintenance.

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