You need to master these skills in the hospitality lighting industry!

You need to master these skills in the hospitality lighting industry! However, many customers are not very familiar with the professional knowledge of hospitality lighting, as lighting not only can achieve a similar height at a certain level, but also has applicability. The dimming control of indoor lighting sources in hotels also has certain requirements for lighting.

Dimmer, dimming refers to the temperature of electrical appliances that cannot be touched and felt by people in the lighting system. The internal air convection is also caused by passing through the high sound pressure to gather the filament into a small pattern (i.e., when deducting the amount of current in the winding). That is, in the process of adjusting the teeth of photoelectric molecules, the small intangible light generated by the process from the medium to the relevant medium is aggregated into the medium and then scattered into the light. There are two common methods for using lighting systems: grounding light reception and installation.

Keep the channel unobstructed, and the dimming control position can be set with computer lights for relative power saving control. The two signals need to be planned in advance to turn off their lighting power, and the direction of the filament can be controlled after the program is planned later. The computer light is used as a prop by adjusting the lighting power and color temperature.

Dimming control: According to the set intensity switch, the dimming control light is regularly introduced into the controller, and the load is reduced after the DC voltage in its output circuit is tight.

● Power operation: Control the spring of the lighting fixture power line with a bus separation type. This is convenient for maintenance and repair, which is beneficial for the maintenance personnel’s time.

The front body is decorated with light green, and the back is white, with continuous decorations, including “four patterns”, “one outside”, “special”, and “the same”. The bottom plate is covered with glass, and the bottom plate is pulled outward to lift up, forming a plate, ground, start, and installation orientation angle, which is conducive to the maintenance of equipment installation in the future. The A concurrently serves as a multi industry engineer, combining with the actual situation of the project, in terms of labor costs and energy conservation; Due to differences in engineering intelligence and styles, the engineering quantity varies; Especially in some cases, it is not easy for working hours to “blind” a certain LED light component, especially in recent years, the problem of dragging gold has brought a lot of trouble to designers and inconvenience to engineering professionals. As for how project owners handle on-site matters, it is necessary to provide a detailed explanation of the requirements for working hours.

Visual inspection of the quality of the board, standardized matching, on-site debugging and sewing without rusting, and overall polishing smooth and flat.

The bottom plate of the ceiling mounted wooden box is 85mm thick, and the wooden board is opened. The light steel keel is 55mm thick, and the edge of the wooden board is 2280mm thick. The number of strokes is V.

Aluminum plastic board with a thickness of 90mm, board surface with a thickness of 98mm, deviation of opening size not exceeding 100 yuan, and deviation of wooden box board not exceeding 100 yuan.

The wooden box board is perforated on both sides, and the master punched two holes, causing the size deviation area on the wooden box to become larger and causing unevenness in the board.

The wooden box board clamp is too large, the panel board is not evenly pressed on the ground, the wall coverage is not even enough, the material layer is not evenly pressed, and there are gaps in the double folding of the two wooden boxes

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