Fabric Table Lamp

Fabric Table Lamps

Fabric table lamp is suitable for modern business hotel, residential living room, bedroom, etc. The room is equipped with some modern and simple fabric table lamps, which are refreshing and simple, and will also be refreshing. Luxurious and high-end table lamps are matched with a suitable environment. When the effect of embellishing the space is good, whether the lights are turned on or off, it is a work of art.

Due to the variety of fabric table lamps, the size, style and material of the table lamps used vary slightly depending on the place of use. For example, the table lamp used in the hotel is much larger than the home decoration table lamp, especially the table lamp used in the hotel lobby, which is larger, thicker and more luxurious. European-style antique fabric table lamp is durable, with European-style architectural style, it has the icing on the cake.

How to choose the brightness of the fabric table lamp? The human eye can perceive changes within 30Hz, 100 changes of light per second (from bright to dark, then from dark to bright, …) Although we do not perceive them, there are studies that say these changes (flickering). motion) for the human eye, it will work. For example, when strong light hits the human eye, the pupil in the eye narrows; for low light, the pupil dilates. We are a professional fabric table lamp manufacturer in China, please feel free to contact us!