Chandeliers are the most common lighting tools. Lighting is deeply rooted in the human soul. From the primitive firelight for heating to the modern lighting system, people always give a lot of positive energy to the lights. In the unity of function and form, chandelier not only become masters of creating atmosphere, but also add artistic accent to space.

Whether the chandelier is hung with wires or iron supports, it should not be hung too low, obstructing the normal sight of people or making people feel dazzling. Take the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal height is to form a pool of lights on the dining table, but it will not obstruct the sight of everyone on the table.

Large-scale chandeliers need to consider the problem of load-bearing. The load-bearing of the ceiling is limited, especially metal lamps and lanterns, which are relatively heavy. It is recommended to install it on a concrete ceiling to be safer. If it can only be installed on the wooden ceiling, the hanging chain needs to be fixed before construction; the calcium silicate board ceiling commonly used in general decoration cannot bear the load, so the chandelier should be reinforced with wood core board. We are a professional chandeliers lighting manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!